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Avatar (2009)

December 22, 2009

Avatar in Digital 3D
7:55 PM
December 21, 2009
Cinema 2,
Greenbelt 3,
Makati City

As I posted in Facebook, I think Avatar is a great movie. However, if you delete 45 minutes in the middle part, you’d still have a great movie with ample time to spare for dinner.

I really love the visuals though. The mixture of Fern Gully or Saban’s Peter Pan really appealed to my inner child. After all, I can still vividly remember watching Fern Gully and how the environmental degradation plot really bothered me as a kid.

As for Peter Pan, I was watching it regularly kudos to ABS-CBN (or was it GMA) throughout my early grade school years. The floating islands in Avatar wasn’t new to me though. It was one of the nicest aspects of Saban’s Peter Pan.

I also notice a bit of Thundercats as well. Hehehe.

Sigh. I may have loathed Titanic, but thanks to Avatar, James Cameron has just redeemed himself, well, at least from this self-proclaimed critic. Rock on (pun intended)!

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