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Jennifer’s Body (2009)

November 10, 2009

Jennifer’s Body

11:15 PM,
November 7, 2009
Cinema 3,
Greenbelt 3,
Makati City

This movie is just so ******* great. Honestly. No sarcasms here. Although admittedly it will remind you of something like Drag Me To Hell especially with the lame plot and cheesy lines, but you just have to admit that in a nutshell, Jennifer’s Body is a wittily written Blockbuster Movie wanting to be a B-movie.

The acting of Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody, although both still not Oscar-worthy, are commendable. And what can I say, it packs a really cool soundtrack. Click here to listen to “Through the Trees” supposedly by Low Shoulder.

Girls, watch it for the humor. Guys, watch it for Megan Fox.


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