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Search Engine Optimization

September 30, 2009

Picture 5

King del Rosario (oh, wait, that’s me!) has finally received his first consultancy request slash inquiry in the world of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Thanks to my humble blog at, my supposedly very irritating on-line presence visualized with that darned “SMILE” picture appears on page 1 in Google Page Results for queries relating to recent issues, events, and human interest topics (Thanks Willie, thanks Noynoy, thanks Cristine, thanks Ondoy, thanks-but-no-thanks Jacque!). As what a certain Thai Airways exec texted, I have been shamelessly promoting my blog these days. (I’m guilty as charged).

Sure, sure, other blogs have higher rankings than what I have. Sure, sure other bloggers actually got nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards 2009 (harumph, hehe!). But the thing is 4 things supposedly got their attention:

1. My blog is actually new. Yep baby, my ‘Wag na Lang blog only supposedly started last May 2009 (thorough inspection can make you discover it’s actually younger). Unlike other institutions in the world of Pinoy Blogging, my blog is a newbie. But it scores!

This is the same thing this potential client (and hopefully others) are interested in (and should understand). They are a new product/service/brand. They don’t have a blog or an on-line presence that existed for years and years which is one good reason why some blogs are on Page 1 although it basically has 10% content, 20% pictures, and 70% ads.

The potential client just wanted to join the bandwagon and have their own website or blog or an I-have-a-great-idea-why-not-make-a-viral-video moment. Given their effort is not only late in the scene and there are a lot of other parties trying to accomplish the same thing daily, they just want to achieve the same results…. fast. They believe that’s what I was able to do to a certain extent. I’m not the best, but in the world of the quick and the deadly (or the fast and the furious), they say I am good enough. May ganun.

Disclaimer: My services would prolly be just to put their products/services/brand on page 1. I wasn’t approached to help them directly sell. If they want me to strategize as a Marketing Guru Kuno, that’s another thing altogether, right?

2. I write well. Ahem. As I said a million times over, I don’t have a Phd in English and my posts are actually infested with even the simplest grammatical error known to English teachers. But the thing is, I write well (daw) but I don’t write too well to alienate the txtspkn ppl f d world! You get the deal. And they say I am funny. Would you believe that? Lolz.

Disclaimer: These blog is created without grammar & spell check. Please be considerate.

3. I may be “cheaper”. Given my business card as shown below does not have a comma and an MBA and a bunch of other acronyms before and after my name, they have the misconception (hehe) that they can get my services for half the price but for the same kind of value. Lolz. That’s what they think. The price, not the value. Te-hee!

king del rosario

4. I’m cute. Walang kokontra.

Oh well, I’m a bit busy these days. But let’s see how this very wonderful opportunity develops.

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