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Hay Naku

September 17, 2009

Hay Naku
a Narrative Haiku by kingdelrosario

There was once a sad
Monarch who ruled this great land
Everything was fine

He ruled with logic
No space for tricks and magic
For life’s imperfect

He’s not cynical
Perhaps very practical
Works for him you know

But one day last year
A meteor fell from the sky
Alas – meteorite

This meteorite turned
Out to be heaven’s Angel
Champagne from the sky

Do not be so sad
Said the angel with a smile
Do not be so bad

How can I be so
The Monarch asks in return
Earth is not heaven

So with heavy heart
The Angel used the Great Book
To strike the Monarch

The Monarch felt sad
But the Angel got annoyed
Even used the Bird

Now all is silent
Back in Heavenly Palace
The Angel is there

Monarch is waiting
For a great sign or something
To stay or move on?

Haiku’s don’t make sense
Like what has happened 2 days
Ago – bad ending

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