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Bruno (2009)

August 31, 2009


If Borat was hilarious, then Bruno is 100% fabulous! Buwehehehe. I was able to watch Brüno last night compliments of HBS and a laptop. I knew watching it in a movie house would prove to be uncomfortable (but here I am blogging about it). This is why I was all for watching it all right then and there inside Starbucks with no regrets whatsoever that this could’ve been better viewed inside a theater. I had an idea what I was in for, but Brüno still shocked me for at least 2 scenes. After which, I had a rollercoaster of laughs which not only irritated the Starbucks guard but also got him curious to what I was watching. It’s a good thing the screen was away from his old, prying eyes or he would have mistaken it for porno. (Bruno’s Asian boytoy is a Filipino btw. Another kababayan is, well, making us proud. Hehehe.)

Anyway, if you love Borat, I believe this is better. It still pokes fun of American culture and all the other issues no other sane actor would dare touch (no pun intended). I’m not saying though that this movie is for everyone. If you’re homophobic, for sure you’d find this movie gross. But then again, this is just Sacha Baron Cohen in pek2x shorts. Even Eminem was cool with it.

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