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GMA Tatakbo ka ba?

August 30, 2009

gma tatakbo ka ba

GMA’s Tatakbo ka ba? Race is one of the successful races (technically not a marathon) I’ve been to albeit the shortage of plastic cups and the Alay Lakad barricade along the 7k turnaround reminiscent of EDSA I and II. I arrived around quarter to 6 and since I still had to claim my bib and all (I registered via e-mail and bank deposit, hello Ms. Marge Cariño!), I really thought that I was gonna be late once again. Fortunately, I spotted my “envelope” right away and, well, the race started late.

The turnout was very good and it only goes to show that perhaps, people are really into running this days and/or people really give a damn this upcoming 2010 Presidential Elections. I also got to see some friends and some marketing people that I got to do business with before.

Anyway, I believe I finished 54 minutes for the 10k route. One of my best times although this time around, my legs hurts as hell. Perhaps it’s the new “route” which made things a wee bit difficult for me. In addition, I’m kinda disappointed I wasn’t able to wear my new Newton Running Shoes. Hehehe. And yes, nagpaparinig ako.

Don’t forget to vote and keep on running everyone!


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