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Newton Running Shoes

August 27, 2009


I’m not really the kind of person who flaunts the “branded things” that I theoretically have (sounds like….) or flaunts the “branded things” that I claim to have (hmmm….). In fact, most of the cool stuff I have now are basically given to me for free, just like the Nokia E71 that I used to own.

I don’t know what really happened but the old-ostentatious-me is already long gone. Now, what we have is a 100% cheapskate who would do anything for the right freebie. Buwehehe.

Anyway, I’m so happy because I won a pair of Newton Running Shoes compliments of Runnr and Jam 88.3 FM. I first saw the “contest” at Facebook, and upon realizing it’s cheaper to make a fool of myself than spend a part of my 13th month pay for a new pair of “kicks”, I woke up as early as 4:30 AM (I live at Commonwealth Avenue, after all), and arrived at Strata 2000 in Ortigas Center (where Jam 88.3 FM is located) by 5:30 AM.


FYI, I’ve been running since 2000ish at UP Diliman Academic Oval (2000-2004) and at the pre-Serendra Fort Bonifacio (2005-2007). I only started competing and joining races last May 2008 though.


I hope I can have the shoes though in time for my run this coming Sunday at the Fort Bonifacio for GMA’s Tatakbo ka ba? I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Newton shoes. However, since God made us all unique, I hope to try it our first before deciding to use it for the 1st QC International Marathon this October.

Finally, thank you and hello to the people of Newton, Runnr, Jam 88.3 FM, and to all the radio listeners while I was being “interviewed”! Hehehe.

P.S. This is my first time to join a radio contest, and my 3rd to go on-air. 🙂

Updated September 3, 2009: Yahoo! I now have it with me! Thanks Runnr! Thanks Jam 88.3 FM!

Image0087 copy


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