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PSBank Green Loan

June 4, 2009

It’s nice to read something like this about PSBank:

Turn your house green, eco-friendly and efficient

June 3, 2009, 6:37pm

The effects of global warming are very much present in tropical countries like the Philippines. Rising temperatures and depleting energy sources are encouraging people to explore various ways of helping mitigate the effects of climate change while preserving the environment.

For architect Francis Xavier Santaromana, one of the best solutions to these environmental concerns is to build eco-friendly and energy efficient “green houses.’’

Santaromana is a dedicated practitioner of green architecture-structural designs that can function with the least adverse effects on the environment.

He explained that green houses are designed to be energy-efficient so that it will consume less energy, thus equating to big savings on electricity costs.

The principles of green architecture can also be applied to existing condominium units, townhomes, and ordinary houses, including those found in tightly-packed residential communities.

Santaromana shares a few simple ways to turn an existing home into a green house:

• Use sun filters. Putting deflecting light ledges or films on window openings and coverings can control or filter natural sunlight to provide day lighting. This minimizes the use of artificial lighting which requires electricity.

• Install breeze panels. Placing breeze directing panels and exterior sun louvers or baffles enable air to naturally cool the house without limiting natural light from entering the rooms. This reduces the use of costly air conditioning and other cooling appliances.

• Do landscaping. Various plants and trees can also help filter and cool air naturally while simultaneously enhancing the surroundings.

• Add solar panels. These can provide free source of water heating to minimize the use of fuel or electricity.

• Use recyclable and heat-resistant materials. Glass, particle boards, and fiber boards are ideal for refurbishing or constructing green houses because they are flexible and will not destroy the environment. Heat-insulating materials such as aluminum can also reduce the need for artificial air conditioning.

Santaromana said a green house is a worthwhile investment because it does not only provide huge savings on electricity and fuel costs; it also helps preserve the environment.

For those planning to build or convert their homes into an eco-friendly and energy efficient house, financing facilities such as PSBank’s Home Construction Loan offer a unique revolving credit line that enables homeowners to take full control of the financing requirements of building or renovating a green house.

Start embracing green architecture and start planning your home renovation. Visit any of PSBank’s 165 branches nationwide to inquire about the Home Construction Loan and the TGIF challenge. E-mail for further details.

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