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Job Opening for Pinoy Doctors

June 4, 2009

Hello all! Thanks for all the inquiries but we have already found our doctors.


Tokyo’s top plastic and cosmetic surgery group is bringing their brand, technology, and quality service to the Philippines. Initially, we are planning to put up our first clinic in the heart of Makati City with plans to branch out in the short-term.

Although this Japanese group grosses around 5 billion yen or roughly P2.6 billion pesos annually, they are known for a more aggressive approach in contrast to a more premium one. The group’s drive is to bring proper and affordable aesthetic services to the mass market which they intend to duplicate in the Philippines.

In Japan, they have 27 branches all over the country and has served 290,000 clients for 2007. We envision the same kind of success to be achieved locally so that average Filipinos will view services such as liposuction to effective skin treatments as an option and not an excessive luxury.

Nothing is more rewarding than to be well-compensated doing what you love and have the opportunity to help a lot of people at the same time.

In connection to this, we are inviting new surgeons or general practitioners who would be interested to exclusively work for us. We plan on providing a competitive financial package which includes a basic salary and professional fee/commission per surgery. In addition, you would be given the opportunity to learn directly from one of the senior doctors from this particular Japanese group.

Should you be interested for a personal discussion, please don’t hesitate to contact me ASAP at kjdelrosario <@.t> pims <d.0.t> ph so we can set-up a meeting preferably with our President & CEO or SBU Director. We would appreciate it if you, or other interested doctors/surgeons that you know, could e-mail us their resume in advance.

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    June 21, 2009 6:38 pm

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