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Further Studies

May 27, 2009


It’s that time of the year again where yours truly just wants to go back to school and be a brat again. I don’t know why I feel like this but perhaps this is because of my wonderful experience at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde where I find the balancing act between work and school very comforting in a very sadistic kind of way.

Anyway, I only want to either take BS Accountancy or BS Computer Science. The former being I already have several accounting units from Ateneo and Benilde and may only require a few terms more to have a degree in Accountancy. But yeah, that’s subject to the assessment of the Registrar or so. Besides, it would be nice to have those 3 letters (read as CPA) attached to my name at the end, which may increase my marketability as an employee as well.

Actually, as a marketing individual I feel a tad bit jealous each time I hear those wannabe lawyers, wannabe doctors, wannabe nurses, wannabe engineers, and wannabe CPAs whine about their upcoming exams. We Marketing people, after all, have no qualifiying exams.

As for the latter (that is BS Computer Science), I am just nostalgic with my Pisay days where yours truly keeps on impressing his CS teachers with his C++ and C programming skills. If only I followed my heart and not my mom’s recommedations, I may be one of the hottest (physically and mentally, huh?) programmers in the country. Lolz. Besides, remember my GoFISH days? If you don’t remember it, good. If yes, let’s just say, I’m not over it – YET. With a degree in BS Computer Science, I can then make my own dotcom venture with no dependency on external/outsourced programmers this time around. I can still rule the world, you know.

Anyway, my choices are as follows:

BS Accountancy & BS Computer Science

1. AMA University
2. Mapua
3. Asia Pacific College
4. STI

My first consideration is “night class”. I am not going to resign from work just for this especially with “what’s going on”. This also means I am not entertaining an MBA or the likes from better-known institutions such as De La Salle University or Asian Institute of Management for now. I will have my MBA by aged 30 which is roughly 4 years from now.

My second consideration is scholarship. I live, eat, and breathe scholarships. I am a cheapskate after all. Will any of the 4 schools above give me a scholarship provided I pass their exams and quarterly academic requirements?

Tips anyone? Thanks!

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