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Philippine Fashion Week 2009

May 26, 2009


I received my ticket to the “highly-anticipated” Philippine Fashion Week last week. Now that I’m better from dengue, I just realized that this darned thing has the letters RSVP attached to it. Now, I’m in the crossroads of wanting-to-go-but-what-would-I-wear and not-going-because-I-have-tons-of-things-to-do-and-I’m pretty-sure-Friday-wil-be-toxic.

It’s pretty weird though because the ticket is only good for one: me. At first sight I found it somewhat funny, because it would take a batallion to get me to MOA slash SMX for this. Hello, I have work and I do live way up north along Commonwealth Avenue. So having an invitation only for me is like receiving 1 ticket for a movie premiere. Next, I thought it was poking fun with my antisocial self. Heck I am used to watching movies alone, so what’s so special about going to PFW all by myself, huh?

Too bad the invitation is non-transferable so I can’t just have any of my friends fill in the spot for me. But at second thought, I might really have to go there this Friday for first-time’s sake. Who knows, I may never be invited to these kind of events ever again. Besides, Mr. Marc Rancy needs all the online exposure that he could get (hehehe, thanks for the invite!). Don’t worry, if my project at work finally pushes through, I’ll let you in for the ride! But as what we both agree in, I’m not your target market, which may be the reason I only got one lousy ticket. Hehehe.

Happy Fashion Week all you fashionable people out there!

Memo to Me: Wear something “okay” this Friday so that should I decide to watch, I won’t look like a sore thumb amidst a sea of urban chic individuals and, well, fashion victims. Hehehe!

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