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Mother’s Day at Tagaytay

May 11, 2009

Well, to make way for Botak Paa-tibayan 2009, my family went to Tagaytay last Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance.

Copy of 09052009373

Since it’s been years since our parents has been back to Tagaytay and Jimmy’s first time, we planned to make the trip as typical as any Tagaytay trip could ever be:

Step 1. Eat at Leslie’s
Step 2. Oogle at Taal Volcano
Step 3. Starbucks

I for one am quite excited with #2 since even though I have been to Tagaytay and back lotsa times (Thanks Ron, thanks VJ!), I haven’t actually seen the famous volcano. That explains why I have a lot of pictures in the gallery. Hehe.

Anyway, as a sidetrip (read as spontaneous group decision to do something else) we decided to go the The Flower Farm as well. Unfortunately it turned out that The Flower Farm is a corporate entity similar to Puentespina Orchids or Island Rose which limits (in fact, prohibits) visitors inside their gardens.

Not wanting to waste our effort (and gas), we decided to look for other similar places to go to. We ended up with Paradizoo, which turned out to be owned by the same guys who owns Zoobic (how corny can they get, huh?). Now, the experience at Paradizoo wasn’t mind-boggling. With the exception of the Alpacas, the “farm” was generally boring. Hehehe.

It’s not that I hate the place. It’s just that I hail from Tagum, Davao del Norte. Been there, done that, really.

Anyway, we capped our Tagaytay trip with another sidetrip to the Public Market (where I bought lotsa kamotes) and had a quiet eat-all-you-can dinner somewhere near/in Nuvali/Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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