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Takbo Laban sa Droga

May 4, 2009


I joined Takbo Laban sa Droga yesterday May 3, 2009 at Marikina Sports Complex, Marikina City, taking on the usual 10kms. I was supposed to run with my dad (joing the 3kms category) unfortunately he wasn’t able to do so because he had a severe case of sleepatitis. As usual, I had my usual chaperone, my sister to come with me.

Upon arriving at the area, I instantly noticed 2 things. First, I knew for sure this wasn’t going to be a big event. I only noticed lesss than 500 (I’m bad with approximation) and all of us them were physically fit. Is it me or is this city filled with health and gym buffs? Anyway, just like any supermodel wannabee slash anorexic, I felt really fat. Buwahehehe!

Second, I instantly realized how beautiful nice it is to live in Marikina. Sure it lacked the bustling QC nightlife and Makati commerce, but in the midst of it all, Marikina sure does feel homey. This makes me remember my earlier decision to vote for Bayani Fernando should he decide to run. Unfortunately or fortunately as of presstime, the word is he won’t be seeking the highest position in the land. Anyway, it was very challenging to take on this race because of certain changes in my running regimen.

It also didn’t help that Jimmy and I were doing a lot of manual work for my startup biz since Friday (more about this real soon!). I also came from a movie date last night, but uhm, that’s another story. What really made things difficult for me was the fact that since I already switched to my new phone, I couldn’t risk bringing this along just for the sake of running with music. And if you have been following my blog like a couple of people I know, you’d know I need music to run faster than usual.

In addition, the new terrain/route/location gave me a beating. I had an idea where I was given the general notion I currently have about Marikina’s suburban layout, but not knowing if I was already mere halfway or a few kilometers to the finish line took its toll on me. It also doesn’t help that most Marikeños saw the run as a pre-PacquiaovsHatton stunt and had the nerve to heckle us (especially the kids) every chance they got! It was fun though, but when you’re legs are aching and gasping for breath, you sure do wish the kids won’t keep on running around you in circles.

Too bad though that I lost all my pictures. You see, I tried to encrypt my phones memory card for security purposes. Unfortunately, doing so only corrupted my memory card. Talk about being stupid enough not to backup my files. I have one video though. I’ll try upload it later ob YouTube. I still don’t have my official time, but I guess it’s safe to say I completed within an hour or less.


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