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Slimmers Run 2009

April 20, 2009

Technically, I did not was not able to join Slimmers Run 2009. But heck, I ran anyway. See, I merely decided to join this event around 1230 AM earlier (last Sunday dawn 04/18/2009) and hence only got to sleep around 1 AM. Upon waking up at 5:30 AM, I was pretty sure I was not conditioned to take on 16Kms, but I did it anyway (read as deathwish).

In addition, my parents had to have their regular check-up. And so, in order to save time and all, my sister and I decided that Jimmy goes with me at The Fort for the race while she accompanies my mom and dad at the hospital. By 9 AM, we will meet-up at <a href””>McDonalds</a&gt; for our regular weekend family thing.

So, after hailing a cab and <a hre=””>clearly telling Mamang Driver to bring us to Fort Bonifacio Global City</a> pronto, here comes the series of unfortunate events:

1. Uber Mega Traffic at Cubao Ilalim/Ibabaw. Whoever planned to have those roads “improved” at this time is crazy, or just politically manipulative. Henceforth, we arrived near NBC Tent at 5:55 AM.

2. Sorry, No More Registration. After the girl infront of me signed up, I was informed that there were no longer any slots for runners. Major bummer, right? They could have told me that rightaway rather than making me wait for 10 minutes or so. In addition, what’s with the rule that if you “sign up on the day of the race, you are disqualified from winning?” Arghhh!

3. If you sign up on the day of the race, you are disqualified from winning. It’s not that I will ever win by cutting my time into half or less, it’s just that the mere thought of winning is taken out of the possibilities due to technicalities really really pissed me off. At around 60 seconds later, this made me realize that this event was such a downer, I wouldn’t wanna pay P300 or something for it because of the reasons listed below.

Anyway, I still ran albeit illegally. Hahaha. Turns out one can still enjoy a race even without paying anything. I still managed to get a lot of drinks, but no “tie buck(?)/straw rope” and freebies after. And of course, I’ll never know what my official time is. I’m guessing it’s worse than Happy Run so around 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was really dizzy mere 4 Kms away from the finish line as well. Wahaha!

Here are my comments about the event:

1. Few Participants. Few, few, few. In fact, I think there were only 5Km and 16Km runners. What happened to the 3Km event?

2. All Distances Began At The Same Time. WTF?

3. Few Water Stations. But then again, who am I to argue? I didn’t pay for this. Wahaha.

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