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Holy Week 2009

April 13, 2009




Let’s face it, we all enjoyed the long vacation. Although most people went to the beach or something, I stayed right at home to commemorate the Holy Week with my family. This is what we usually do in the province, and as a kid, memories of Holy Week were filled with prayers, late night church visits, early morning attempts, a lot of suman, and oh, that scorching summer sun.

Anyway, I’m quite happy that I was able to be in the midst of these events at our humble village community from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. You may think I am such a hypocrite and all, but I have always made my opinion known about how I think people should spend their Holy Week. In my own honest opinion, I believe partying at these times is like cheating on your wife on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. But then again, that’s just me. As for the beach, I may end up in Puerto Galera this coming weekend, if not, by May 1-3, 2009. Buwehehe.

Aside from the usual roundabout of Christian celebrations, I also got to watch a lot of DVDs:
1. Complete Fringe Season 1: Fuick, this is so cool! The “Ability” thing is just the bomb
2. How I Met Your Mother Season 5: What can I say, I love Barney Stimson and the rest of the gang
3. XIII: Val Kilmer, goodbye!
4. Grey’s Anatomy Season 5: I am unsure about the season, but once again, so-so
5. Psych Season 3: Funny and witty as ever
6. Unborn: A stupid attempt of a horror movie
7. Traitor: Fell asleep
8. Doubt: So-so. Good acting by the only 2 recognizable people in the movie, but so-so
9. Milk: Sean Penn is great in this role, but I just hate documentary-type movies
10. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas: I must admit, the ending, uhm, shocked me
11. 24 Season 7: I love 24, but I think this season is just an anti-climax

In addition, my sister also supposedly did a lot of work-related stuff. After all, she’s about to make some changes at Globe or whatever. As for me, I spent a lot of time forecasting and all about my future business interests. Hehehe!

I guess that’s all there is to share….

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