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Myra E Sunblock

March 20, 2009


As a self-admitted cheapskate, I would like to thank Innovitelle, Inc. aka Unilab aka United Laboratories for placing their so-called gorgeous male models along F. Ortigas Jr. Ave. today for a product sampling tactic. I know, your Brand or Marketing Managers only instructed these guys to hand out the said freebies to women. But guess what? They didn’t follow your instructions. Hehehe!

Let’s just say, thanks to some embarassing cheapskate tactic, I got one sample. In return, you get a free blog testimonial. Best of all, I’d even extend the favor and use your oh-so wonderful product during my attempt to finish with pride the 21-km Condura Run this coming Sunday, March 22.

The only catch is this. If for some reason your product didn’t give me any protection from the harmful rays of the sun or, worse, it irritated my skin, my eyes, or something, all I can say is, be prepared.


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