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And Now A Poem

February 26, 2009

I have the corny habit of making even cornier poems each time I feel a what-could-have-been-a-wonderful-relationship turns sour, reaches a dead end, or ends up as a senseless waste of money every weekend. The second to the last one has this shit. This is a rite of passage for me. If you get a poem, there’s no turning back. Buwehehe!

And Now A Poem

Between busy, hectic schedules
And the longing in our hearts
We find a common window
A time to share our worlds apart

Yet as each day passes
The so-called flame grows dim
And the only thing remaining
Is a hopeless, restless King <– jologs

Between my busy, hectic schedule
And the longing in my heart
I fear, it seems, I’m the only one
Who really felt something at the start

And now a poem
to end all poems I never got to write
We’ll never be, but someday you’ll see
I could have made you feel so right

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