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Gonuts Donuts Hotdog

February 8, 2009

copy-of-image096Gonuts Donuts used to be a very cool and witty brand name. You “go nuts” over “donuts”. Now, for some convuloted reason, they (whoever they are) decided to sell hotdogs (or is it chilli dogs?).

Anyway, as a marketing professional who adore the school of thought by Al Ries, I humbly believe they are making a wrong decision. Focus, as they say, is the name of the game. Of course, diversification always has its very understandable logic, but never does that concept restrict people from listening to Al Ries (idol ba?). And such, if you must sell hotdogs while your competitors may have grown stronger (read as Krispy Kreme), brand the new hotdog biz as something else for crying out loud. Or, as a very bad example, make a hotdog-inspired donut (eew).

Call it Hotta Hotdogs or something for all I care or Hotdog Donut (perhaps the only one of its kind in the whole wide world), but retain the image most Filipinos have in mind about Gonuts long before the people from Max’s decided to penetrate the industry. I know, you guys must have every bit of justification why you just had to somewhat compete with Sabrett thanks to some misguided belief. But at the end of it all, I dare announce, Krispy Kreme would never tread the same path even if they fail to reach the high store/outlets requirement I hear they promised the guys from USA.

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