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Yes Man (2008)

February 1, 2009

Yes Man
Cinema 4, 7:30 PM
Gateway Mall, Quezon City
Ate Van, Atty. Fritz, Mom, Dad, Jimmy

I watched Yes Man earlier today at the wonderful, wonderful place called Gateway. I call it as such partly because it is one of the remaining malls (aside from Ever Gotesco along Commonwealth Avenue) that I can spend an afternoon incognito. Everyplace else, such as SM or the Ayala Malls, would always end up as an unexpected reunion.

However, the biggest reason for me Gateway is such a great place is because they only charge a humble P140 for a cinema ticket. That is so unlike my experience with The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Anyway, I find the movie entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s not at the level of The Mask, or Ace Ventura, or Dumb and Dumber, or Liar Liar, but then again, maybe it’s because it’s a Jim Carrey movie which is why my expectations are just too darned high for the guy.

I really love the chemistry between Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel though. I hope I can get my own Allison real soon. I also adore the Harry Potter and 300-themed home parties. Me thinks holding one of my own isn’t such a geeky idea at all. Hehehe!

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