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My Humble Birthday Dinner

January 29, 2009

I always knew my mom’s health was affected by her stroke, but I never realized it could trigger a world of understatements. After getting an unexpected text message earlier yesterday that she wanted me to come home earlier than usual (that is come home before 9 PM) because she cooked dinner, I purposely did just that to ward off any feeling of inattentiveness from my part. Hehe.

kodak1kodak2Though we have discussed it a million times over that we will just celebrate my 26th (Yes, I am still 26) birthday and their 31st wedding anniversary on Saturday, my mom just did the expected.

She still prepared food last night. And when I said prepared food, that is an understatement. I should have brought Jet2x, or He-Who-Must-Be-Named or Pinks or something. It’s a good thing Atty. Fritz was there (who is now morally obliged to give me the same gift every year: my favorite ube macapuno cake from Red Ribbon).

This is the same nothing that happened last year though at that time we just ate somewhere in Serendra. I prefer dining out, less stress for everyone.

But anyway, when I got home, I got a nice surprise. I have a mini birthday party. It felt nice really, especially with my anticlimax of a mood yesterday thanks to ***censored*** and ***censored*** and ***censored*** and ***censored*** and simply because I am generally irate as a human being.

You see, this is the first time since early 1990s that I have an actual birthday celebration (not like last year) with my family or anyone!!! I have been uprooted from home since 1996 thanks to my wanting to become a part of Philippine Science High School – Mindanao Campus. After which I went to Manila for college with my sister, who, by the way, has been in Manila since 1996. To cut it short, we’ve been a long-distance-relationship family since 1996.

Anyway, I had a great time eating and watching Dirty Sexy Money afterwards. It’s a good reprieve from yet another strenuous day at work. Thanks to the people who actually remembered and took time to text or call or ym or pm me on-line. Let’s party soon!

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