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Happy Run 2009

January 25, 2009

One thing I learned about the first race I ever joined for the year 2009 is this, pushing yourself to the limit is not always a good thing. Sourgraping aside, I only actually run 13.5 Kms of the 15 Km race that I signed up for. The rest of the distance, I just had to slowly and steadily walk until completion.

You see, I had just finished the initial TVC and photoshoot for my top secret brand (more info about this soon) which ended around midnight. So plus travel, I only got to sleep by 2 AM. Thus, I only had around 2 hours sleep before waking up at 430 AM, preparing myself for the Happy Run.

Given my funny embarassing experience in the 32nd Milo Marathon Eliminations last year, I vowed not to eat before running. And so, after drinking my Milo (ehem), I hurriedly rode a taxi cab with my wonderful PA, Ate Van, to Fort Bonifacio (which should be called Global City instead and not The Fort because the know-it-all cab driver says The Fort is where the armies go to). Anyway, to cut it short, running attempting to run 15 Km with an empty stomach, lotsa water and Extra Joss, with barely enough sleep spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

So, as I made the unexpected (What the pak? What is dis? Bakit kayo kumakanan? Dun ang finish line, hoy!) visit return to the oh-so-wonderful McKinley Hill, I felt my body shaking with hunger and my vision became dark and blurry. I was about to faint.

Quick decision making tree = which is more embarassing:
a.) fainting en route to the finish line;
b.) or walking the rest of the way?

As expected, I chose the latter. I still ran 13.5 Km non-stop, good enough for me. Sad though because my legs still weren’t hurting and could have survived the extra mile, but no way I’d let Mr. Drew Arellano or Coach Rio dela Cruz announce over the speakers that some guy called King del Rosario is requiring urgent medical assistance. Hehehe.


Anyway, at the finish line, I headed right away to the free fruits and free eeew-cookie samplers, I signed up for the Botak race next month (?), and made a steady beeline to the big M: McDonalds. I was soooo hungry I ate one (1) big breakfast value meal and one (1) longganisa meal.


Now, mere minutes later, I’m at the Adphoto Studio along Bautista Street at Palanan once again. Work is still not done. In fact, even after these creative things, real marketing work has yet to begun.

God bless my soul.


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