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Jimm’s 5-in-1 Coffee

January 7, 2009

image0431Everbody knows (or I think they do) that I love San Mig Coffee. However, out of sheer boredom (not because of my job or San Mig Coffee), I decided to taste Jimm’s 5-in-1 coffee for the first time in my life.

Now, the question is, what do I think about it?

Well, it tastes nice, but I’m not really after the taste to begin with. I’m after the strength which is why I love San Mig’s extra strong variant. The taste won’t remind you of Starbucks Figaro’s Kapeng Barako though but it’s so much better than, say, WL Foods’ coffee (which I still haven’t tasted, but will do next week)? After all it’s just 3-in-1 5-in-1 whaddya expect, cheapskate!

As for the strength, I fear, it didn’t have any hey-wake-up effect on me. So I perceive it to be like decaffeinated frappuccinos and such, and hence, more of a chocolaty beverage than an energy drink.

I sure do hope they make potent or tough variants anytime soon. I’m not sure if my taste is reflected by millions of Filipinos hence becoming an attractive market. But heck, who knows, energy drinks are a big thing these days. If I can get the same jolt from something supposedly more natural but for the same price, I’d give up my love dependency on Extra Joss anytime of the day.

Disclaimer: A close friend and former colleague, Mara Mariano, is the Marketing Director of Goldshine Pharmaceuticals, makers of Jimm’s 5-in-1 Coffee. This is not a paid advertisement, but I wouldn’t mind getting any. Hehehe.

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  1. David permalink
    April 1, 2009 4:46 am

    I think you should try Jimm’s 7 in 1. I love that stuff, but can’t find anyone bringing it into the United States, or least into Houston, Texas. I’m going back to the Philippines in the fall to bring back a suitcase full of it if customs will let me. I wonder if your friend, Mara Mariano will let me help her market and import that into the Houston market?


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