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Goya & Delfi Foods Makeover

January 4, 2009

I have been eating Goya chocolates ever since I learned to speak as a pseudo street urchin (an exaggeration) at the unpaved and almost farmlike (it till is until this very freakin’ year!) streets of Magugpo, Tagum, Davao del Norte. Two decades later, I still adore it, but lo – what is this I see? Goya chocolates are more than just the same kind of bland chocolate these days. Believe it or not, they now have – dare I say such word – variants!

Nevermind that what they are offering now kinda reminds you of Tim Tam, but to see this dynamism after years of blahness mediocrity is very promising. I not only want to know who that new (of course) marketing guy is over at Delfi, it also keeps me on my toes as a marketer to make sure that I do the same or even better for my current post.

I am unsure about the dates but I think it is safe to assume that Goya Chocolates and Delfi Foods have existed long before my parents conceptualized conceived my very humble existence. This is why I am so disappointed shocked flabbergasted why it still took decades before this satisfyingly Filipino treat decided to have a makeover not only in 1 P (that is product) but in 2 (read as promotions)!

Any guy with a marketing degree (or access to Google or Wikipedia) can debate with you that product includes packaging and all other peripherals. In my own honest opinion, however, I believe it’s actually more of promotion. After all these days, the difference between packaging and mere POPs is highly blurred. Only God knows what the likes of Act Media (or moi) could think of next which would tempt every passing consumer into touching, holding, feeling, tasting, and even listening to our products.

Now, we see this kind of passion injected nowadays in everything there is about Goya. A good example would be this neat standee I saw in some posh (read as not Ever Gotesco) supermarket in the Metro. Of course, of course, the merchandising still sucks, not neatly displayed and all, but once again, I say it’s a surefire “A” for effort.


I believe my friends from the usual multinationals and Top 1000 corporations would quickly dismiss Goya’s effort. After all, from a melancholic point of view, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. Now that is where Goya (and like everybody else) fails. Seeing how all the SKUs are in disarray in the Goya standee, more often than not, this effort as I stated, would be seen as a half-baked attempt unworthy of any praise (especially from the Big Boss).

Coming from me however who has his own experience of working with companies devoid of multimillion budgets, I understand the pain of lobbying for such risks actions. You need not only have to show the positive effect of such actions (usually just the mere concerns of the more fortunate marketers), but also the 2 trickeir ones namely: 1.) Where in the world will we get the money; and 2.) We don’t need that (wait, is this a question?)….

And so, I’d like to say, I am so surprised and happy with what I see in Goya these days. I just hope the momentum does not come to a halt anytime soon. With what they are doing right now, the “duh” in Goya, may soon becomea thing of the past.

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