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New Year at Embassy, Fort Bonifacio

December 31, 2008

image022xPeople may think of the usual excuses why I want to spend my 1 AM onwards at Embassy Superclub at Fort Bonifacio this January 1, 2009. Of course, it’s fun, and if you know me and my intense relationship with the dance floor, you’d know doubt the fact that it doesn’t take any extra substances to make me dance my worries away.

(Updates 01.01.09 @ 2:00 PM: We actually went to Warehouse 135 first and then transferred to Embassy around 4:00 AM. I was there with/partially with Ron, Kawlo, Jon Gab, Eric/k, Doc Jay, Shoms, Tonio, Bon(?), and that other guy, and some other guys I shouldn’t mention anymore because they had their own world, hehehe! P.S. I also got to hit on this pretty girl named Pam who I believe is still a high school student even with the attire, the shoes, and the hairdo, much to my friend’s amusement!)

However, the primary reason I’d like to be there a few hours from now began last year at the same time and at the same date. Having to spend my New Year at Manila all alone (thanks to PSBank) while my family was still at Tagum gave me that baseless feeling of independence. Honestly, I want need to feel that feeling again. It’s not that I am not genuinely independent or mature, but I love the euphoria of dancing to the same old tunes over and over again.

In addition, I firmly believe 2009 will make or break me as a professional and as a person. I thought 2008 is that year, but seeing now the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of me, I am pretty certain that the outgoing year will pale in comparison anytime of the day.

Finally, given what happened last weekend, I am bound to make a mature decision about what I need to do with my life. I’ve only confided the specifics to some people, but I think the reaction I got was enough to make me entertain the notion for 2009. I’m already 25 and around 28 days later, I’d be 26. That’s too old an age to be just playing around. They say you only live once so you sh0uldn’t take life too seriously and have fun.

I beg to differ, and that’s exactly the point. Come 1 AM, if things pushes through, yours truly will be at Embassy Superclub welcoming the new year with his so-called suave dancing abilities. If not, my humble iPod is enough to give me the jiggy (just look at the picture above for crying out loud!). Either way, I’d be listening to the same tune. However, as soon as the sun rises in the coming days or weeks, only time will tell which music I will be really dancing to.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. turbocrazy permalink
    January 13, 2009 6:54 am

    Happ New Year too!

    I never saw you there. ^_^

  2. January 14, 2009 10:38 am

    I didn’t see you either….

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