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All I Want For Christmas

December 19, 2008

In the midst of the pending global recession and the desire to maintain one’s twisted lifestyle, every Pinoy who has to go through a Pinoy-style Christmas Party (and all you cool expats here in the Philippines) is mandated by social obligations to have his or her manita or manito. Intiendes?

Now, as you know, there’s always either a minimum amount or a maximum amount to add in to the fun. And of course, there’s the oh-so-helpful “All I want for Christmas” freedom board which always end up as an outlet of angst, school/office politics, and sexual tension.

Hey, meine Manito oder Manita, here’s my request. All I want for Christmas that is at least P100 are either of the following:

One hundred pesos (P100) worth of San Mig Coffee Extra Strong

One hundred pesos (P100) worth of Milo

One (1) MRT stored value ticket

One (1) Globe prepaid card worth you-know-what

And oh, world peace.

Now, take your pick.


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