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UP Ictus Centennial Run 2008

December 15, 2008


UP Ictus Centennial Run 2008
UP Diliman, Quezon City
December 13, 2008
5:30 AM

It’s been (relatively) a long time since my last race and even though I still have been running like crazy every weekend (or and any chance I get), nothing is more exciting than trying to outrun someone in the race who looks so much better in his singlet. Hahaha!

At any rate, I really decided to start joining again by January 2009, but having seen this event posted at Hutshot, I just couldn’t help craving the pain it entails. And so, without further ado, I joined the event at the last minute (hence paying the overpriced hefty P500 sum – hehehe!).

It was a good run really, but for an event called something like “Centennial” with reference to UP’s 100th Year Anniversary, I really expected a bigger event. But then again, even if there were only a few of us there, I still did not place (loser!). Hehehe. I ran the entire 10K track for 0:53:26, around 2 minutes longer than what I aimed.

I also forgot wasn’t able to stretch which explains why my legs are hurting like hell right now as I blog. Sigh, all these for nothing. Hehe. I guess this will be my last race for 2008. Come 2009, I vow to join at least 1 event monthly and to join all major events as well. After all, with Christmas coming around the corner, we all need every chance we get to burn all the calories. Hahaha!


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