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Philippine Bank Holiday Week

December 12, 2008

Here I am pondering over my desk while making a rush Marketing Plan for 2009 and attending to certain creative concerns for the unit. I’ve been e-mailing, calling, and texting the usual suspects (e.g. magazines, broadsheets, modeling agencies) for media kits, quotaions, etc., etc. in a frantic desire to finish the aforementioned document on time (that is before ze big bosses from Japan arrives from – uhm – Japan by next week). Hopefully, my brain won’t let me down over the weekend.

Anyway, reading this news report during Christmas season about the bank holiday (no pun intended) set on Rural Bank of Paranaque gives would have given me a dim outlook of 2009 (this ain’t funny like my Erap joke which nobody seems to understand) if not for my 100% sunny disposition. Haha!

I just hope that our economy will not suffer as much as USA because for one, we still don’t have a Barack Obama to chant with while seeking a better economic future. This is really one of my considerations while job hunting after resigning from PSBank just this August.

I had 2 active and advanced applications to smaller banks (compared to PSBank that is) for their marketing/branding posts. However, I decided not to pursue it in favor of where I am seated now out of job security reasons.

It is not that anything ala doomsday scenario is about to happen to the Philippines or the banking industry, but logically speaking, the world is in recession (Q: Bkt xctd c Erap ds 2009 kht may recession? A: Kc favorite subject nya daw to dati sa Ateneo!) and if worse comes to worse (or is it worse comes to worst?) such as laying off employees through the LIFO system, I’d undoubtedly be one of the people first to receive our pink slips.

After all, that is a better course of action than, say, declaring a bank holiday or bankruptcy. I might be too cute to let go, but I believe bankers are more concerned with stability than mere aesthetic contributions.

Anyway, for all those who are still unemployed, just pray and hope for the best. Just think like SM, 2009 may not be that bad after all!

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