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My Future Children’s Names

November 24, 2008

King del Rosario is not my full name. It’s not a college nick name though or something I coined to make myself sound/appear cooler. King is the nick name my parents gave me, and if you were an interviewer for a potential lucrative employment, I may tell you why I am called King which is a world’s away from xxxxxxxxxx xxx. Anyway, I am actively using King del Rosario for branding purposes both on- and off-line.

This led me to prepare for the somewhat inevitable moment of naming my own children in the future. I hav 3 rules: 1.) Only 1 name; 2.) A cool and unique name but nothing out of pop-culture (with the possible exception of #5); and, 3.) The naming rights pf my future children belongs to me (hehe) and that is a hard and fast rule. Hahaha!

Here goes:

1. Octavian del Rosario – Eldest son, who will be nicknamed “Ocho”, talk about psyching up my kid to take on an agressive role in life
2. Anasazi del Rosario – Eldest daughter, to be nicknamed “Ana”
3. Paisley del Rosario – Nicknamed “Lee” after my fave classic design… a paisley
4. Ascott del Rosario – After a necktie knot, nicknamed “Scott”
5. Fedde del Rosario – After someone somewhat famous, nicknamed “Fed” (no reference to the Kevin Federline or the FBI)
6. Florentyna del Rosario – From one of the characters of my fave novel

Any violent reactions? I particularly don’t believe in researching for the best meaning in a name to be given to a child. Heck, I know a certain Alexander and he’s hardly going to be the protector of mankind. Hehehe.

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  1. freakgene permalink
    November 25, 2008 7:06 am

    ahaha. nice. teka. anung n-name ni Florentyna? Wehe 😀

    napaisip tuloy ako wat to name my kids in my future life. haha

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