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Ateneo versus La Salle Game 1

September 19, 2008
What better way is there to start my new spanking blog than to talk about the upcoming Ateneo versus La Salle match for the UAAP 2008 Basketball Championships? I’m no basketball (although I was once the Sports Category Brand Manager for AND 1 here in the Philippines) or UAAP fanatic but heck, having spent some quality time at both camps surely makes me take notice this time of the year.

However, since my alma mater is colored green, in the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to needlessly profess my allegiance to the Green Archers. After all, I may have spent more time at the Ateneo during my early college life, but heck, I’m already bleeding green.

Anyway, I ran out of quality and original DVDs to watch last week that’s why I decided to review the oh-so-forgettable Friday Night Lights while uploading new pictures at To my surprise and amusement, something really funny caught my eye. Lo and behold, an undeniable vision emerged from the so-called idiot box: SCALP THE EAGLES. Now, how cool and timely is that?

Spread the word my green-blooded brothers and sisters. I would have wanted to take pictures of tomorrow’s game to enhance my budding creative portfolio. Unfortunately, the law of demand and supply worked its universal force against me, which left me out of the loop once again. But who knows, right? Perhaps I’ll still have enough strength and megabytes to spare after documenting tomorrow’s PMI…Proudly 60!…Run at UP-Diliman. If I’m there though, I’ll just be taking pictures of the ocean of blue and green outside the Big Dome.

Anway, I’ll just cross the bridge when I get there. Hehehe. See you all around and on-line.

– I’m not always nice, but I’m always interesting

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  1. Green permalink
    September 20, 2008 8:48 am


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