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My “One Run. One Family. One La Salle.” Pictures

July 13, 2008

I was able to participate at today’s “One Run. One Family. One La Salle.” race at The Fort Bonifacio, July 13, 2008. This is even though my sister and I woke up later than usual at around 5:15 AM. We (yes, I have a PA during these kind of events, hehehe) usually leave the house around 5:00 AM for the first 4 races I have attended for my entire life.

Anyway, the race was 100% fun. Sure, sure, it was so disorganized and one can honestly just throw their own dreams of winning a medal (ahem), technicalities, and accurate time records out of the window. I participated in the 5 KM category and I could honestly say we did not complete the entire route (thanks to a classic case of the blind leading the blind under the rain), which is why I finished at 14:43 (I know because I timed my runnning music for this particular race) and not the predicted 20 to 23 minutes based on my practice runs.

At any rate, it was a grand kick-off for the One La Salle project concept and hopefully, the race will become an annual event. Let’s just pray though that next year’s run would be so much better when it comes to event management and the actual contents of the loot bag (magazine? magazine!). Plus road marshals and banners/streamers, please!

And oh, it’s quite difficult to become vain and take snazzy self-portraits with all the people around. Hahaha! Jeez, I could honestly see those judgmental eyes looking at me while I smiled at my camera phone. Joke. Anyway, among the 5 races I have been to, this is the one with the coolest and most enjoyable after-race get-together. We’re all proud being green after all.

Go, CSB! Go One La Salle!


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