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2008 Men’s Health All-Terrain Race

June 16, 2008

Yay, official results indicate that I did finish at 1:10:01 ranking 60th overall and 12th on my age/male category! Yay! Not bad for a person who just started joining races last May 2008 with the 2008 Men’s Health All-Terrain Race as my 3rd race ever!

Thank God I finished the 2008 Men’s Health All-Terrain Race at Timberland, San Mateo, Rizal today, Sunday, June 15, 2008 approximately within 1 hour and 10 minutes. I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the actual awarding ceremony or the official results this time which is why I could not get the actual documented time. However, I heard that the grand winner for the trail-run completed within 48 minutes. Optimistic view? 20 minutes behind is not so bad. Pessimistic view? I’m one of the losers. Hahaha.

Anyway, here are some of my pictures before, during, and after the actual run:

King and friend while claiming my bib number and all. Funny thing is that I was at wrong line. I was supposed to be at the line for 24 to 30 years old beside it and not for the real 30-somethings. Weird enough, nobody thought I was at the wrong line. Grrr.

Posing with some of my fans from Keen. Hehe.

Vanity picture behind the blown-up Men’s Health June 2008 issue featuring Richard Gomez

My trademark wannabe-Lacoste-model shot

Here’s my wonderful Koday moment compliments of my sister

My winning pose for being the cutest runner for the event across all ages for men

Now for some comments: I think the race is quite exaggerated, but then again it’s coming from me, a newbie with only 2 other race (bibs) under my belt. But then again, I also heard a lot of people complaining after the trail-run and the bike run. Well, sour raping is inevitable for events like this. After all, they might be newbies as well like moi. Hehe.

Second, I sure hope that next time, the awarding is done immediately after the event not to mention the events commencing as indicated. My sister and I were there since 5:30 AM I think, the trail-run ended slightly after 9 AM but we have to wait until past 11 before actually deciding to leave Timberland with my fans from Keen. At that time, a lot of people did share the same sentiments. For me and my sister though, we had to grab the free ride. We didn’t bring any car.

Third, and I quote:

The ATR isn’t just a competition. It is also celebration of what the Men’s Health lifestyle is all about. It’s all about good food, good music and good company …and speaking of good company, bring the whole family as we have something for everyone!

Now, where’s the food? Free food? Celebration? I was expecting a picnic or a barbecue fest for crying out loud!

On the plus side, I must say running around Timberland is a breath of fresh air (no pun intended). Running around the area makes me long for home, which really reminded me of all the bahay kubo and trees and rice fields I have used as a playground as a kid back at Tagum. If I have the spare millions (which I obviously don’t have for now) I’d buy a hectare or 2 at Timberland. The place is just so cool and can make one experience the much needed break without spending too much time on the road, boat, or plane upon going home. Sigh!

Bottomline: Will I join next year? You bet.


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