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PSBank Reach for the Top 2008 Wall Climbing Tournament

June 3, 2008

We held our PSBank Reach for the Top 2008 Wall Climbing Tournament at Camp Sandugo, Market! Market!, Taguig last Saturday, May 31, 2008. As part of the Wall Climbing Committee (there’s sucha thing?), I was already there at 10 AM even though my game as part of Team H.E.P.A. (Hanep Eelib sa Pag-akyat) was scheduled later on by 1230.

At any rate, I had fun. I always thought I was already way advanced in wall climbing compared to my colleagues. It turned out, I still had a fear of heights. No, I didn’t fall or freeze or anything similarly embarrassing. But mistakingly looking down while at the top did make me break a sweat.

Here are some of our pictures:

(L-R): Team H.E.P.A. (Hanep Eelib sa Pag-akyat), Berdy Team

(L-R): Red Alert Team, Crawl (Cheerful and Radiant As ever Win or Lose) Team

(L-R): WALL (Walang Atrasan, Laging Lumalaban), Social Climbers

After the event, I just had a quick (read as 1 hour) run at Fitness First Fort Bonifacio in preparation for this event. What a stupid idea. Hahaha!

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  1. June 9, 2008 7:20 pm


    i don’t know anyone who would come rushing to the gym after a punishing activity of wall climbing, at least not meself.

    so, you’re either just quite fit, or a masochist, lol 🙂

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