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Wanted: Morbidly Obese Guy

June 3, 2008

While I was at this event, my mom had a very nasty experience at SM Mall of Asia while watching the 2008 World Pyro Olympics. She was there with my dad, my sister, my aunt Celia, and Atty. Fritz. Just a backgrounder, my mom had a stroke last December 2005. She’s okay now, though obviously, she’s still not 100% recovered.

Fast forward to the future, here’s what happened. Since my mom is so into this fireworks thing (my parents are here for a long vacation after all), she went to the front of the seating area for a better view. Sadly, she didn’t know that she was purposelessly blocking the view of a morbidly obese guy and his girlfriend companion.

And so, the stupid and morbidly obese guy began scolding my mom for existing. After all, they claim they also paid money to be there. Kind as she always is, my mom apologized for causing inconvenience to this morbidly obese guy and went to the other side of the area. But lo and behold, this morbidly obese guy kept on cursing my mom while she slowly (and I do mean slowly) changed seats. Needless to say, stroke or with no stroke, my mom got emotionally affected. Heck, anyone would feel bad. She apologized again and mentioned that she’s had a stroke that’s why she’s slow in moving and why she finds it hard to speak or move quickly in contrast to this very agile yet morbidly obese guy.

That’s where this shithead drew the line. He told my mom in a more hurtful manner in Tagalog that she shouldn’t have come if she’s already sick. God, if I was there, I’d give this asshole a lesson even if his last name is Sy.

Let’s skip some details about what happened next. Let’s just say that thanks to this morbidly obese guy who I curse and pray to have a heart attack real soon (they say he’s already older than 50, hehehe!) my mom began feeling numbness at the right side of her body while crying her eyes out. Minutes later, she couldn’t walk or talk or move anymore. Let’s say, she wasn’t able to recover from temporary stroke aftershocks (my own medical term) the way she had before and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Thanks to Oracle and EA (my sister’s HMO) we had the option to go to Makati Medical Center. Thanks to He-who-must-not-be-named-daw and Valledor for driving me there as well coming from this event. So as you can see, it was a very eventful weekend.

It’s too bad no one really cared to look for this guy in the midst of the incident. Which is why I am appealing to the 100+ people who do purposely or purposelessly visit my blog daily to please spread the word that I am indeed looking for this morbidly obese guy who watched the 2008 World Pyro Olympics at SM Mall of Asia last May 31, 2008. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna kill hurt you him. I’m not stupid enough to risk my life, future, and career over some dead man walking, anyway. Besides, I don’t think I’m big enough to carry so much weight all by myself. Hehehe.

I’m just gonna make you realize that as fat as you are, you should be nice to people. Karma is a bitch. You may just be acting out that time because of your sheer insecurity, you fat bastard you. But let it be known and implanted in your puny brain, that your insensitive actions may have caused my mom her life.

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  1. June 9, 2008 6:56 pm

    I’ll join you in prayers.

    That walking tub of fat displayed a breathtaking amount of crassness to your mother. At his age and enormous size he should’ve ought to know better about bullying and being ridiculed.

    But fret no more for if we go by the powerful karmic energy of this world, his greasy deathbed is already being prepared for him.

    I sincerly hope for your mom’s rapid recovery.

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