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May 15, 2008

There’s always that time in my fleeting work experience wherein I’d feel trapped, frustrated, and unmotivated. This feeling is somewhat a precedent by the very convenient on-line job-hopping which ultimately leads to you-know-what. I was absent from work yesterday (and left work the day before that 2 hours too early), and upon coming from work today, people were asking why I am resigning.


Honestly, I did have a fever. And honestly, I do feel trapped, frustrated, and unmotivated. But no, I have not been applying. And no, I have not been to any interviews. In fact, I have not updated my resumes (both in MS Word and Jobstreet/JobsDB) ever since.

I vow to launch A-OK. I promise to complete Tribeca, or at the very least, the URS. I aspire to commence Marvel. I hope I won’t eat my words when an unexpected job offer comes along. Hehehe.

But any rate, I am still fine. Heck, yesterday was just payday and I received the mid-year bonus just a week before. Life sucks, but money makes the whole world go ‘round.

In addition to that, this situation has gone a complete 360 yesterday when someone-else officially flirted with me. In connection to that someone-else’s-someone got mad at me and asked me to, ahem, back off. Plus, who’s got a new Friendster? Cycling is gonna be so much interesting these days. Mwah!

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  1. Bella permalink
    September 4, 2008 6:55 am

    Sounds good! Hope you got better. I haven’t read the rest and I don’t know if you will ever see this again, because I sure as hell won’t. Oh well, maybe if you don’t like your job you should give it a change. There are other jobs in the world that are fun and – get this – you get money as well!

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