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Run, Run, Baby, Run, Run

April 13, 2008

For some reason, I ditched the Sk8r Boi phase this weekend and donned my new running outfit compliments of Citibank Visa. This is because I have now set my eyes on joining all fun runs possible. I first signed up for the Pringles thing this coming May. And so, to prepare myself for such activity, I went to The Fort earlier today (all the way from Commonwealth, mind you) so as to test run my new Adidas Microbounce shoes (ahem) against the real course I am supposed to take come actual day. Honestly, the shoe was very nice. Kinda stiff on the sides, but heck I have a fat foot. The bounce is really, really nice.

Yeah, yeah, I once again went into a shopping frenzy, but it’s all because of Citibank Paylite (and the slight wish to win the 8 Times a Millionaire promo). I wonder what my 3 bosses would say think if I did win the promo. Hahaha! Well, it’s a credit card. I don’t handle credit cards for now.

Anyway, I also bough 2 singlets and a pair of shorts from New Balance. I would have wanted to buy from Adidas as well, but I didn’t feel like being a walking (or should I say running) billboard. Besides, I prefer the cut and style of New Balance’s gear so much better.

And oh, did I forget to mention the thing about iPod Nano Touch? Hehe. I have an excuse. My Devant MP3 Player died on me. I know I raved about it before, but trust me baby, I take it all back. Don’t buy Devant MP3 Player even if it’s the coolest thing there is (they wish)!


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