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Sk8rboi @ 25

March 30, 2008

I am a lot of things that I don’t appear to be. This is by far one of the worst best craziest example. Last Friday, after hitting the gym, and realizing I have no gimmick(?) (and no one from my immediate circle wanted to go out even just for a lousy movie), I ended up oogling at high-end skateboards priced at around P5,000 (complete package) and up.

Anyway, upon realizing that this might just be a phase like any other (like being emo, but I think I still am), I decided to buy a cheap-ass skateboard instead just for the heck of it. After all, I have never ridden rode played with a skateboard. I remember trying on a pair of rollerblades roller skates when I was still in grade school. That event, my friends, was just one night and by far one of the embarrassing memories I had as a child.

So imagine my suprise when upon reaching home, donning a sk8rboi outfit (which I surprisingly have), I ended up skating in no time at all. I mean, I was still no Lords of Dogtown material, but heck, I could glide, and swerve, and maneuver the darned thing like I’ve been skating for ages for at least a year. I was so good (especially my outfit) that a lot of passersby along Commonwealth Ave. (I was skating in front Our Lady of Mercy School near St. Peter’s Church) kept on glancing (perhaps it wasn’t a glance of admiration?) as they tried to avoid me. Hahaha! Funniest thing was that the night shift guard of the school was also adamantly watching me. It felt the same thing as my emo outfit during my last birthday celebration. Haha!

Anyway, here are some of my self-portrait pics. Next time, when I’m good enough, I’ll post a video.

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  1. March 31, 2008 5:48 pm

    it’s never too late for everything 🙂

    break a leg, not literally of course.

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