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Long Weekend

February 23, 2008

A lot of things happened at work. A lot of things need to happen at work. Anyway, this is me catching a few shots in between projects and meetings. So far so good, I still look good. Haha!

Anyway, after hitting the gym again, Ron spotted me and invited me to join him and the other guys (Eric, Raph, and Nathan) to hang out at Warehouse 135. Before going there though we met up with Karlo, Jon, and JP (Jeez, did I even get your name right), and had a quick bite at Chimara. Just a note, I had a surprise here and I honestly didn’t know what to feel do.

I met a lot of new people there (which really is a booster to my pathetic social life). Unfortunately, none seem interested which became a blow to my self-esteem. Haha. I was really sleepy come midnight because I woke early yesterday as a part of my preparation as emcee for the 8 AM PSBank Event called the President’s Cup.

That is why at some point, I really did fall asleep while sitting on one of the couches.

Unbelievably though, the guys decided to jump to Embassy. I mean WTF!? Aren’t you guys sleepy? And I was still wearing office clothes. I’d be too square in contrast with the rest of the crowd. Anyhoo, met a certain fella which really confirmed a lot of things. Sigh. Anyway, the music was nice at the other Embassy. Sorry for that other dj at the other Embassy, but I guess your music was just too sophisticated for 95% of the people inside.

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