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Peer Pressure 2008

January 16, 2008

I have always prided myself for having withstood all kinds and levels of peer pressure (alcohol, drugs, etc.) and just be content with my same ol’ sad and pathetic self.

Unfortunately, due to my monumental weight gain (say, 20 lbs.) ever since December 2005 (where I weighed a mere 128 lbs, now do the math), I have now yielded to the calling.

Honestly, I have been running/jogging my arse off daily since December 27, 2008. God only knows if I did loose some pounds since then. Anyway, I will be hitting the gym beginning this Friday.

30-day Goal: Reach 140 lbs
60-day Goal: Reach 135 lbs
90-day Goal: Reach 130 lbs
120-day Goal: Make you all regret for ignoring me. Yes you! You! I’m talking to you!

For someone who has a lame excuse for a social life and whose weekly gimmicks is either a.) watching a movie at G4/GB3; or b.) watching DVDs at home, going to the crowded and vanity-infested Fitness First gyms is not only an upgrade when it comes to my social life, it is quite a bankable investment as well.


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