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Opening Bank Accounts

January 16, 2008

I opened a passbook account at EastWest Bank today. I did so NOT because I do not believe in PS Banks and/or Metrobank‘s deposit products, but it’s just that, I don’t want my colleagues to have an idea (or even just an access) to my hard-earned cash millions (AMLA, is that you?). Hehehe!

Honestly, I wanted to open an account at another popular bank but because of my bad hair day, the fuss about having no home landline, and the seeming irregularity between my signatures in my company ID, school ID, and drivers license, I opted to withdraw my intentions than having to plead to them that they accept my application. Hehe. Anyway, thanks to the people at EastWest Bank for understanding my case. I sure do hope this blog post does not put your New Accounts personnel in trouble. Hehehe.

Just a segue, I have decided yesterday to trash my lame excuse for a signature (that resembles nothing and seems to be just scratchmarks made by a ballpen) and come up with a more executive slash formal-looking one that exudes confidence. Haha!

Anyway, after the passbook account, I decided to open a UnionBank EON CyberAccount in the hopes that this service would aide me in my quest to go shopping on-line without risking my squeaky clean credit history (read as no successful credit card application). Hopefully, the card will be available for pick-up same day next week. Cheers!

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