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Beat Boring with Boring

September 9, 2007

Out of the sheer boredom of doing practically nothing cool over the weekend, I ended up doing the usual lame stuff to save myself from insanity:

1. Jogged – Yehey! I have jogged 3x this past week! Super cuts here I come!

2. Checked my inboxes for the millionth time – Honestly, send me an e-mail and betcha you’ll get a reply in a jiffy.

3. Take home work – I processed the names of those who participated in our Cool Kicks, Hot Chicks promo for AND 1. Jeez, this can be mind boggling.

However, this weekend, I took my boredom to the extreme and started working on a business plan. Haha! Yeah, I know, weird huh! It’s not yet a month since I had my thesis defense and now I’m giddily and voluntarily typing my free time away. Well, anyway, this is for my own personal venture. Once again, I think I have a great dotcom idea, which once again requires funding. Thanks to the learnings I gained while at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, I now know better than to approach anyone for money with no business plan in sight. Moreover, thanks to my experience from UrgenCee, Beach Hut, and now while working for AND 1/Relzbach, I think I somewhat have the knowledge, expertise, and experience, to make things really work this time.

If you are still not aware of it, I was the guy behing GoFISH.PH. It was one of the really promising Pinoy Web 2.0 websites during 2001. The site was on-line way before Friendster, MySpace, or YouTube reached our shores. Unfortunately, due to the lack of my managerials skills way back then (and believe it or not, lack of support and funding), GoFISH died. Only the people who knew about that site can attest to the fact that we were offering video content on-line way ahead of the pact. I have a broken bank account to prove it. Hahaha!

Anyway, I’m just charging it to experience. Let’s just hope that this time around, something great and wonderful would actually materialize.


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