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September 6, 2007

I was fortunate enough to get invited for the 2007 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash at the For tTent earlier tonight. Like most, I found the event a success and far better than its FHM counterpart. Honestly, the FHM thing was boring coming from a marketing slash creative point-of-view. The only lively part at that event was Kamikazee’s portion, and even that was not that good. If I were the director of the FHM event, I would’ve used Kamikazee for Katrina Halili’s production.

Anyway, the Cosmo bash was a blast. The stage design was great, the lighting super, music was way too cool, and all! Even the confetti bit was done RIGHT (unlike FHM’s which covered Katrina Halili in all angles during her ramp walk – jeez!). Best of all, there were no dead airs and it ended a li’l bit after 11 PM. Not too early, but not that late!

Well, watching all those so-called bachelors strut their stuff and hearing all those girls, gays, and, uhrm, guys scream their lungs out made me think of a lot of things. One of those thoughts in my mind, aside from wanting to have the same lean body e.g. see images below in previous blog entries), is that do I have enough creativity and willpower to pull off the same kind of event? Of course, I am not that great with the sexy-sexy stuff. But in some large-scale and media-frenzy level, will I also make the crowd jeer and cheer like there’s no tomorrow?

Perhaps I can do my own debut for AND 1? I doubt I can make our endorsers strip though. Hehehe. And of course, AND 1 and some skin does not match at all. Keen? Ryka? How about our lifestyle brands, if and only if it becomes a part of my purview, such as Gola and Triple 5 Soul? Oh well, only time will tell if such thing as an AKT!V Night will become a reality.

Congrats, Mr. Robby Carmona for such a great event. Thanks Cy, Cy’s friend, and Cy’s other friend (who is a major snob by the way). Jeez, the world is such a small, small place.

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