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Zubiri or Pimentel?

June 6, 2007

If you read my previous posts below regarding the past May 14 Elections, you’d know I didn’t both for either Miguel “the Z” Zubiri and Aquilino “Don’t steal my votes” Pimentel III. Now, it seems the final stand is between these 2 guys. I understand that my opinion wouldn’t make a dent on the outcome of the results. After all, even Inquirer columnists themselves can’t make the real “lesser evil” win, how much more a lame blogger with a penchant for vanity and self-praising. Hehehe.

At any rate, I’d rather see “the Z” win over “Don’t steal my votes”. I’m a Genuine Opposition supporter, but based on the platforms of both senatoriable, hoping for that particular senatoriable is just my way of extending support to the lost advocacies of former Sen. John O. Osmeña III.

You see, I voted and campaigned for Osmeña. People may hate him for the supposed gayness that he exudes and the alleged complaint of pedophilia. As a marketing person, I am not always absorbing all kinds of propaganda coming from left and right (but yeah, there might be some real truth in it). Everyboy’s human, even I. Thus, I just wanted to focus on his output during his previous terms emphasizing the drive for better telecommunication and energy services, and the likes.

Coming back to Migz and Koko, it is Migz who have the same kind of priorities as Osmeña. I believe in the GO’s call for reforms and all that jazz. But I’d really hate to see an entire senate composed of nothing more but vanguards of democracy and women’s liberties. I have nothing against it, but I’d surely want us all to move forward into the future. Sooner or later, we’re all gonna get tired of hearing other nations referring to us as merely “the biggest Catholic country” or “the first democracy” in Asia.

When can we be “the next Tiger Economy” again? When can we be at par with the likes of Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and even Hongkong? This dream would only become closer if we elect officials, such as Senators, who have actual platforms that speak of progress. I know democracy, justice, and freedom are the required foundations of a beautiful economy. But it’s 2007. How much longer should we wait?

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