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New Movies (or what I’ve been doing ever since)

March 13, 2007

In between vicious attempts to finish my thesis paper and other surprisingly demanding projects from my other courses, I got to watch the following movies at home or at – where else? – GB3.


300. It would be madness to insist that 300 is a bad movie. In all aspects, 300 was a success as a blockbuster movie. And I particularly love the graphics, cinematography, and its memorable characters. However, I really do think it’s a wee bit dragging. Fioght scene after fight scene, you can’t blameme for wanting a deeper, thicker,more menacing plot. But then again, as the end credits rolled, I realized it is just that.


Shortbus. This is a very sexually explicit film. But mind you, this isn’t porn. Hahaha. Well, honestly, if you are embarrassed or afraid of actual human genitalia, you should shy away from this movie. But honestly, the plot is just so true and it’s another plus factor that they have good music and that they utilized the infamous New York City blackout as a backdrop for something more, er,orgasmic. Hehehe.


Saw III. What can I say? If someone asks me what my favorite scary movie is, my answer would probably be the Saw trilogy. I have always said that at this time and age, it would be terribly difficult to make a horror movie. The best one can achieve would be a suspense flick. But afgter watching Saw III, I could say, things are still not dim for the movie industry. Though 

Zoom. I’m a sucker for super heroes and family flicks. The plot may be tired formula, but it still appeals to me.

Alpha Dog. Sorry, I didn’t get the story. I just kept pressing forward. Hehe.

Dorm Daze 2. This is just so stupid. It’s worth watching.


Sukeban Boy. This film is a stupid Japanese crap. Don’t even bother.


She Likes Girls. A film about young lesbian stupidity. Don’t even bother.



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