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Crappy Movies

March 8, 2007

In Pursuit of Happyness. Oh yeah, Oscar contender. But it still did not get me. For a movie that had so much raves (and I in particular had so much expectations) it was such a downer. Sorry, Will. No cigar. I do like the y in Happyness though. In economics, y means income. Right?\

Another Gay Movie. Who said gay movies are funny? Who said gay characters are funny? Put them altogether and you can have a great bedtime story for your kids because its is so dry, lame, and boring, you’ll probably doze off. But then again, why show this crap to young ones, huh?

No Regrets. Well, this could have been heartwarming gay art film if not for the stupid ending. And oh, I meant the kidnapping part, not the last, say 10 seconds. Jeez. Cannot find any pictures.

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