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February 20, 2007

It’s not that I’m busier these days thats why I have failed to update you all about the latest movies or DVDs I have laid my eyes on. It’s just that, I am not on-line as much as I was before, and, well, yeah, guess I’ve been busy. Here goes….

Dexter. Talk about black comedy. Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall of the less-than-fabulous Six Feet Under, is a blood-spatter expert during datytime (think CSI) cum serial vigilante at night (think Batman). Of course, there’s nothing animated here. Some scenes may be funny yet the tone and topic is really serious, if not controversial. Even the dialogues are too R-18. Watching this movie can raise a lot of questions and curiousity in one’s mind. This could have been Hostel running for an entire season, but then Hostel sucked so its a bad comparison. At any rate, I suggest you catch Dexter, catch this very monumental plot before local censors detect it and ban it for good.

Vanished. During its first episodes, I really found it boring. After all, its hard not to imagine its lead actor as a straight guy. Anyway, soon enough, perhaps its because I had nothing else to watch (yeah, right), I continued to watch Vanished in the comforts of my living room. Soon enough, it gained ground on my have-to-finish list. Though its still not in the league of, say, 4400 or Criminal Minds, I must say its not gonna be another Bones after all.

Ghost Rider. I like this one. It may not be a Spiderman but it’s hell not in the level of Daredevil. Once again, I watched this movie without expectations. After all, I wasn’t really A Ghost Rider fan much more still a Nicolas Cage fan. But let’s give it up for Mr. Cage. He really added like on a rather dead character (no pun intended). Though the plot is still the same old save-the-day formula, come to think of it, it’s what you really paid for.

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