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Run, Forest, Run

February 5, 2007

Yes, Mel Gibson is guilty of banking on an MTV-type slash Blair-Witch-Project kind of cinematography, and the gamble of making actors speak in a language only a handful of people could ever really comprehend (good news is they probably don’t have TV, so nobody could ever tell). But come on, let’s give it up for this guy. Apocalypto is a great movie. The action sequence is just so intense, the teachings or the moral lesson are so wonderfully laid out, and finally, the appreciation of nature is just so effective.

The acting, perhaps, may be half-baked, but I still advise you to watch this movie. I watched this movie twice (first at GB3, then at Market! Market!) and I still didn’t blink during the nice parts. The movie really reminded me a lot of my childhood from being chased by neighborhood bullies while they were hurling stones at me, to the time I fell into a cow’s sleeping hole which was really reminiscent of the quicksand act at the latter part.

I just don’t understand why the movie’s tagline is “No one can outrun their destiny.” It’s not as if Jaguar Paw (aka Almost) was out to set something big or grand like liberate humanity or something. So why the line? Anyway, it’s just me. It’s still a great movie.


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