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Globe Sucks

February 5, 2007

Oh Globe Telecom sucks. Let me tell you why:

1. Unlimitxt Fiasco. You might have already heard about this evil, nefarious, and selfish scheme the head honcho of some department in Globe thought about. Anyway, just a history, I already wanted to shift to Sun last year but because of the blessing I came to know as UNLIMITXT50, I opted not to (and since then I lost my Sun SIM). After all, I don’t call, I just text. So this was a good enough of a deal for me. But no, these guys wanted to increase their profits (like who could blame them for just being #2), and so they cut down on the terms of the promo. Now, the value for money brought about by your P50 unlimited load is no longer good enough to last you 2 f#$*^@# days! Grrrr! Better shape up, Globe, or I will have that long overdue shift to Sun come summertime (like you care, right? Hehehe). I won’t only save more money, I’ll even make my mother happier by finally acting on her request for me to do so.

2. G-Pass, G-Cash. Imagine this: you don’t have to qeue at the MRT station. No more waiting, no more hassle. Just by a P100 G-Pass chip with P50 free load and you can just enter/exit any station with no frills. But then, what happens once I use up all my prepaid load? No fret, right, just use your mobile phone (actually, you’d have to use G-CASH, sign-up, txt, txt, txt, a very long and complicated process) so as you can load your G-Pass for future use. But heck, what is this? I cannot load on my G-Cash? Thus I cannot prepay my next MRT ride?

Anyway, I called up their wonderful toll-free number so I could get some answers. The logic why I encountered such problems was pretty simple and that is, I cannot load my G-Cash account via phone. Say, I have P200 (as if) load on my prepaid number, I cannot use that amount and transfer it as G-Cash money. The lady told me I had to visit the nearest Globe Centers so I could load up my G-Cash account. WTF? What’s the point then? Need I expound?

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  1. Student permalink
    August 22, 2007 4:26 pm

    Yup, your’e right, Sakin naman, Nagpaload ako ng 50pesos sa Gpass ko sa Ayala Station, pero my 5 or 6 pesos something pa kong balance, then I exit at Quezon Ave, the after a long hour(2hours) na dapat pag exit mo after a minute ehh papadala na sayo ung confirmation, nagcinfirm cla na nag exit ako sa Q.ave stn, then nabawasan me ng 14.28, tapos nung nakita ko ung balance ko, 0.00 pesos na?!? Imagine, 30 pesos yung kinuha, anu yun 50 pesos cmula ayala hanggan Q.Ave, Coz, this days napaka laking bagay na nung 30 pesos as a student pa, Lam ko na maraming gawaain ang globe ngaun, but in this sana maaksyunan nyo po agad ito, I like your service pa naman! AYUSIN NYO DATABASE SYSTEM NYO, NILO2KO KAMI NYAN EHH!!


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