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A New Beginning

February 5, 2007

Pardon the enthusiasm, I’m just being optimistic. At any rate, as soon as I am ready, I will be joining the wonderful sales force (euphemism is Property Consultant) of Megaworld Corporation. Specifically, I’ll be with the team who is handling the Forbestown Center (e.g. Bellagio I, II, & III, Forbeswood Heights, and Forbeswood Parklane) and McKinley Hill (Garden Villas, McKinley Hill Village, Stamford) Projects.

Having personally handed over a million brochures and samplers way, way back for UrgenCee, I believe I have the face and the dire need to earn n a small fortune here while finishing up my thesis.

I just really hope though that I would’t embarrass myself here (as predicted by my usually-optimistic sister). Heck, if I rise up the corporate ladder right on time for graduation, I may never leave the organization at all. Hahaha. But then again, sales is sales. It’s not a simple job. I just hope I’m cute enough and determined enough to meet and exceed expectations.

I can’t deny that I like the location I’m based at, which is the Fort (nearer to Benilde), the people I’m gonna work with (Hmmm), and the opportunity. I would’ve waited for a month or 2 before I strain myself all over again, but heck, opportunity doesn’t knock twice. Besides, I just look so good in corporate attire. Buwahahaha!

To all of you ladies and gentlemen out there who are in search of the perfect condominium, the perfect house, the perfect lot, or the perfect investment, drop me a message. Who knows? More than you’ll help me, I’ll be helping YOU!

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