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A Very Eventful Week

December 19, 2006

This week is perhaps the most strenuous of all stressful weeks I have ever complained about!

Sunday. Cleaned the UrgenCee leftovers at the MRT station with Kuya Ricky

Monday. Meeting with someone which really led to nowhere (should’ve set next year instead), attempted to finish direct mail, cleaning of stuff we were able to bring back from MRT last Sunday, talk to Aqualandia and ask for forgiveness, contemplate, contemplate, Christmas party. I had my Bustaxa Part 2 exam by 6 PM so I just dropped by Music Match for our party around 9 PM. As mandated, I came in my best retro look complete with that funky smelling pomade. It was fun, and I got my gift from Chaw, a book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” and a box of chocolates from the raffle. I must be honest, I want that iPod. Hehehe. At any rate, I am thankful for the book I got. I’ve always wanted to read it. Perhaps now, things are better, since I now have my own copy.  Funny thing though is this gift is very timely…. for the holidays. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday. Paper for Marpro1. Not feeling good. Cannot be. I wanna puke. SPSS sucks! No lunch, no dinner, no bath. We made it on time, but it was honestly a crappy output. But judging from the looks of those who failed to pass on time, we were in a better leaky rowboat than not having passed anything “on time” at all. I should also begin packing my stuff not only for Christmas vacation back home at Davao, but also with our ungodly move to another abode somewhere near our current residence. At least now, we have rooms and still a lot of celebrity neighbors. Hehehe.

Wednesday. Must meet Aqualandia peeps and play dead,  billboard issues, direct mailer, direct mailer, Economy finals by 6 PM. Must finished packing!

Thursday. Liquidate or DIE! Direct mailer, direct mailer! Clean up the MRT mess!

Friday. What to do? Steph’s wedding but me can’t go (wrong grammar done in purpose), course cards distribution (God, please, let me have my chance to have a reason to smile this holiday season), FLIGHT TO DAVAO! Trivia: I only go home once a year and its always during Christmas season due to financial constraints, and, oh, my undeniable fear of flying.

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