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November 25, 2006

I watched not 1, not 2, but 3 movies since my last post which contained very risky or sensitive scenes (or themes). Let’s start with the least controversial.

Borat.People say this is a huge PR mistake for Kazakhstan. After all, the saying “bad publicity is still good publicity” may not always be true. But in my own honest opinion, what’s Kazakhstan got to loose? I’d rather have a Borat become top of mind when my country is mentioned rather than a “where’s that?” At any rate, Borat is mildly amusing, and dragging at some point. But it has a few very hilarious scenes which is really worthy of praise. I should warn you though that some jokes are very old (and may even come from the Philippines.) Hehehe. Well, it’s a good thing I kinda liked the ending. It’s not a wow ending, but I was really holding my breath during the Hallelujah part out of fear of what might come out of it. Anyway, watch Borat before he bids goodbye for good. I doubt there’ll be any sequel, or any me-too character or movie in production somewhere.

Angels in America. I am the very least person who has something against homosexuality, but this TV series who crisscrosses gay people, angels, and prophets, and Jews is something that might spawn anger somewhere. Anyway, Angels in America is entertaining if you just take time to look and understand it even just in an artistic or literary point of view. Great acting from Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and that bald CIA guy from Casino Royale.

For a Lost Soldier. Euphemism are very funny. If you were to read the jacket of this DVD (technically, its a DVD) the critics would sing praises of this heartwarming coming-of-age film. After watching too many coming-of-age films, I have now determined that it simply means a movie about a kid realizing he’s gay. There’s nothing wrong with that being a topic of an art film. Heck, I enjoyed Beautiful Thing. But this one really treads on dangerous grounds because unlike that British flick, For a Lost Soldier is a love story between a boy (yes a 10-year old I think) and a late 20-something Canadian soldier. Simply put, it’s a pedophile love affair! It’s creepy to see this “pair” and hear I-love-you’s. Anyway, maybe this got produced because its from Amsterdam. You know them people from Amsterdam. And no, I’m not saying anything more.


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